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Posted:   03|22|2016  

Nordic Ware’s new signatutre line of gourmet Bundt Mixes are ready and available for all bakers to use! These simple recipes were crafted by a top-notch gourmet kitchen and have been tested to perfection. Whether you are an avid baker or more on-the-go and inexperienced, our line of simple and hand-crafted cake mix flavors are sure to impress anyone who has the experience of creating and indulging in one of these cakes. The mix will speak for itself as it combines the finest, all natural ingredients with kitchen staples to create an amazing…

Posted:   03|09|2016  
As a Bundt lover, have you ever wondered what shape is truly meant for you? Are you curious what Bundt best describes your personality?

As part of our 70th celebration, take Nordic Ware’s new Bundt Shape Quiz to find out what shape best fits you! Your result could be great inspiration for the next Bundt cake you bake! Make sure to share with your friends and family to show off your shape and personality. 

Take Quiz HERE

Posted:   02|04|2016  


We are starting a new tradition in the work place you won't want to miss! In the Nordic Ware office, we share the love for Bundt cake on a regular basis, but we want others to enjoy this treat in their offices as well.  You can also start you very own bring your Bundt to work day. During the month of February, we want to celebrate the love of Bundts by launching a photo contest revolved around your company’s #BringYourBundtToWork celebration. Here are the easy steps to enter!     …

Posted:   11|06|2015  

This special day comes around each year on November 15th.  It was originally proclaimed by the Governor of Minnesota in honor of Nordic Ware’s 60th anniversary, making 2015 the tenth annual Minnesota Bundt Day, while coinciding with National Bundt Day! It is the perfect time of year since most families are pulling out recipes, preheating the oven and baking more than ever!  In Celebration of National Bundt Day this year, we are hosting an Instagram Contest for everyone to share a photo of their very best Bundt® creations!

To enter the contest,…

Posted:   09|10|2015  

September is upon us and summer is officially coming to a close as the last summer barbeques and outdoor gatherings are wrapping up in Minnesota. For many, this is a sad reality as the dreaded weather change is developing and just around the corner. For others, the excitement for Fall is here, which is one of the best seasons for food and flavor combinations! Yes, here at Nordic Ware, we celebrate the beginning of fall as we get to focus on our favorite warm autumn seasonal flavors using our amazing cookware and…

Posted:   02|09|2015  

Throwing together a batch of chocolate chip cookies is second nature to me. However, whipping up a batch of “healthy” chocolate chip cookies seems to require a bachelor’s degree in culinary science. Unfortunately, that is not what I went to school for. Luckily I do spend majority of my free time in the kitchen baking. I happen to know a thing or two about healthy cakes and other various desserts but healthy cookies are not my specialty. Meaning I threw out more pans of awful tasting cookies than I kept during this process. I spent hours looking at recipes online for…

Posted:   07|08|2014  

We just finished the last of the season’s strawberry crop from the Nordic Ware community garden.  Eating a fresh home grown strawberry just picked and still warm from the sun reminds me that’s what a strawberry is meant to taste like. Grocery stores offers gigantic, perfectly shaped strawberries that are beautiful to look at but often don’t taste like anything at all. They don’t taste or even smell like the cotton candy sweetness of the less than perfectly symmetrical strawberries that grew outside of the factory this…

Posted:   05|12|2014  

It always makes me so happy after a long winter to see little green nubbins of rhubarb leaves poking up through the soil in my garden. My hardy little rhubarb plant can always be counted on to spring to life before any other plants or bulbs have sprouted. I’ve learned that rhubarb is one of those plants that people either love or hate: If you do not have one at home in your garden, you covet others’ rhubarb patch and wince every time you have to purchase rhubarb…

Posted:   05|05|2014  

(photo inspiration from

My daughter is being married this September and she has her heart set on a multi-tiered, multi-flavored, gluten-free, Bundt-shaped cake.  There are a lot of challenges and hyphens in that request.  I first reacted by trying to talk her into something else, but she was persistent so I finally gave in and said, "Okay, why not?"

Finding appropriate sized pans to bake in and stack was the easy part, of course.  She wanted five original, traditionally shaped Bundt cakes (though other variations would work too).  Here…

Posted:   01|27|2014  

Everyone loves the scent of freshly cut lemons. Great on salads, zested over pasta, or squeezed over vegetables prior to serving, lemons are a versatile culinary ingredient.

With the cold weather still upon us, I woke up Sunday morning wanting to make something that would brighten up my breakfast table.

I decided I would use the lemons in my fridge and whip up some muffins and small lemon loaves I could freeze and use at a later time.

The recipe is very versatile as you can make…

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